Grupo Industrial Armada del Bajío S. de R.L. de C.V. is a Company 100% made in Mexico and proudly Guanajuatense. It was named as one of the State Identity companies by obtaining the “Guanajuato Brand Distinctive” (Distintivo Marca Guanajuato) which was given because of its quality and commitment in the manufacturing of safety footwear having all the specifications required by the Official Mexican Standards (Norma Oficial Mexicana). Grupo Industrial Armada manufactures regulated, tested and certified products in order to protect the safety of every person who risks their feet in a work environment.


To offer footwear for you and your workers’ safety by meeting a high-standard of quality according to your company’s needs in different markets within the industry by providing a comprehensive service, building trust and offering products of the highest quality with a commitment to delivering on time.


To be a leading company in the manufacture of safety footwear, both, nationally and internationally by bringing quality, innovative products while also looking to satisfy our clients’ needs by covering the different industry sectors when it comes to personal protection.


Currently our products have the NOM-113-STPS-2009 certification in order to offer our clients safety products for the different kinds of hazards to one’s feet when working, and therefore to ensure the protection of the wearer as specified by the Official Mexican Standards (Norma Oficial Mexicana).